Come Home Love Ep480!

I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. Ah Fei finally took off his mask and revealed his face to the public! 

The love triangle of Sisi, Zi Yan and Ah Fei is by far my favorite story in Come Home Love. I love how the story has developed and now, probably there’s going to be a chance for Sisi and Ah Fei together. If the two are going end up together I don’t think it will come any time soon. They need to slowly build up Ah Fei’s character and make him act more mature like Zi Yan. He needs to devote more into his career otherwise I don’t think it would be possible for him to be together with Sisi. 

I’m pretty sure TVB is just going to pair Sisi with whoever the audiences want. They might not even make Sisi end up with anyone in the end.I hope they make Ah Fei slowly builds up his music career and have more self-esteem. 

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Gilded Chopsticks - Thoughts

It has been awhile since I finished this so I’m just going to write my thoughts briefly. 

I really like the start of the drama, it was funny and easy going to watch and had a few laugh. Though there are parts where it’s ridiculous but was still enjoyable.The middle was kind of boring and I didn’t really like Joey Meng’s character. I don’t like how is swaying between the two guys. Then when it got towards the end, maybe the last 5 or 6 episodes I got really really bored of it that I didn’t feel like watching it anymore or I don’t care about the ending.

The ending, typical happy ending and I’m so glad it ended.

"Coffee for me? But i didn’t order coffee’ - Tze Nei

Ka Yeung’s back in action.

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Young and Dangerous: Reloaded
—What the hell?

Outbound Love - Thoughts

I would say Outbound Love falls in the romance and slice-of-life genre, portraying a typical love story between a couple where the female lead dislike the male lead and ended up liking him. 

The filming took place in Malaysia giving me a different feel and I like the calming pace it started off. Though the plot wasn’t all that exciting and a little predictable, it was still a decent and relaxing drama to watch. In such a drama with a typical plot the characters are what could stand out in the drama and make it a rememberable drama. Unfortunately Law Sik Sik character is a bit plain in my opinion and good thing was Luk Kung Tsz character is a little more mysterious and interesting. 

I don’t have anything against Aimee Chan but I’ve discover there are very little roles she acted that I may say I like. Her acting in Outbound Love isn’t  superb but passing as Law Sik Sik’s character. It’s very hard to describe but at some points her acting wasn’t that natural to me. 

At some point I got really annoyed at the over played theme song. Not only it’s the theme song but also constantly played during the drama. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to play another song.

It was a decent drama but definitely wouldn’t be one that I recommend my friend to watching.

思思 looks at 木偶哥

Return of LoveHateTVB

Stupid of me that I accidentally deleted my old account. But I’ve re-opned it using the same name. I was going to just leave it and let the blog disappeared but I couldn’t because the effort I’ve put in before. And occasionally I want to express my thoughts about the TVB dramas or Chinese related. Though before it’s all TVB related posts I’ve decided to add in Asian drama posts this time (because I’ve been watching a lot of TVB dubbed Korean/Japanese dramas).

Depending on my time I will try to post or reblog posts of my own interest.